“Snehil ka Sneh Kiske Sath, Apni Sanskriti Ke Sath, Lok Sanskriti Ke Sath”

India is known for its unique Folk dances and its folk songs as its unique identity in whole world. The aims of Snehil are not only to preserve cultural stock but to prepare the youths to create their interest towards social works.


Robert Frost, an American poet once wrote about ‘The Road not taken’, wherein he compared the stereotypical, drab physical existence to the innovatory, path-breaking, worthwhile existence. He observed that mostly people follow the well-trodden ways as there is no lurking danger involved, and life goes on as usual. He himself preferred the ‘un-trodden road’ which meant a more arduous journey, value-based existence, and relentless efforts. It is the basic human instinct to search for comfortable means of existence, to wriggle out of demanding, and challenging situations so that life goes on smoothly. But, for the gifted few, life without trials and tribulations, and an exploratory urge is superfluous. They strive for a better world, and toil ceaselessly to serve humanity.

‘Snehil’,” an organization on a mission for the preservation, and conservation of the cultural heritage of India” is the brain-child of Dr.Mamta Singh, its founder President, whose life has been a saga of selfless dedication to community service. Her heart beats for the socially deprived, for the underprivileged, for women subjugated to inhumane conditions, and heart-wrenching atrocities, and for Nature itself.

The seed of the plant which has taken the form of a brilliant tree was sown by Dr. Mamta Singh in 1992. When the seed sprouted it started acquiring a beautiful shape. The first branch was in the form of a ‘Charity Show organized to provide solace to the affiliated in the earthquake which occurred at Uttarkashi. ‘Snehil’ suffered with the victims and left no stone unturned to provide relief to the aggrieved.


Banasthali university of Rajasthan is in itself a wonderful unique place of Education system.There is a modern education system of study whichis fully on the lines of Indian methodology and social traditions. Here came into existence such society which was aiming to aware its youths about the traditional Sanskriti and maintaining its ideology and believes. This was a virtual state of affairs which was loaded with lot of critics and vocal objections.

Believes, aspirations and dreams of students have a special important place in their life. They , after their education is completed, especially girls , surrender their career after they are married and their dreams aspirations are locked there only although very few of them remained successful in keeping their dreams true. Likewise Mamta Singh is one of such brilliant and firm minded student of Banasthali who kept her aspirations alive and firmly decided to carry on her career to go ahead and boldly faced the odds of life. She is a brilliant student of multifaceted personality and God blessed her with an idea of a popular society well known as Snehil.The aspirations and believes and its basic ideas for the uplift of the taskforce of this society received honored and dedicated support which was brought forward and nourished by the close friends of Mamta ji itself from the same vishwavidhyalaya of Rajasthan. Among those close friends Sri Yogesh Gupta (Adhivakta Jaipur), M/S Madhvi Dhankher (Magistrate, Jaipur), Radhika Sharma (L.L.M.Rajasthan Vishwavidhyalaya) Avam Manisha Tyagi requirespecial mention to help in this task.

Mamta was born in a reputed family of Gujjar in Rampur Maniharan, came back to her native birth place and started gathering her energy to fulfill her thoughtful virtual dreams of her student life to form a society of her dream Snehil into real shape by her thoughtful plans. The mother of Mamtaji, Smt. Jagdevi and her father, Sri Omkar Singh came forward to support their daughter financially as well as mentally and did not care atall for critics in the society and their obsolete thoughts.

Later many encouraged youths from Rampur Maniharan came forward to join the movement of Snehil and there were thoughts like ,/p>

“Snehil ka Sneh Kiske Sath,Apni Sanskriti Ke Sath, Lok Sanskriti Ke Sath”

India is known for its unique Folk dances and its folk songs as its unique identity in whole world. The aims of Snehil are not only to preserve cultural stock but to prepare the youths to create their interest towards social works.

To convert the ugly devastating activities of youths and generate them into practical useful activities is also the basic aim of Snehil. Snehil wish and try to provide practical arena among rural youths and make efforts to enable and support them with such talents. As we are passing through an era of Western and modern culture which has ruined our own culture and we are struggling to save our culture in day to day life.

Although our urban society has left behind their different dimensions of basic rural life but they still want to redeem the activities which were full of pleasure of Jungle Jhari and festival occasions and fairs (Mela- Thela).

Snehil always make efforts and tries to fulfill the desire of society for such emotions and redeems. To fulfill such efforts for preservation and conservation of heritage of India Snehil organize different programs based on Indian culture like singing, Instrumental, dance competitions, seminars / workshops etc. The series of such activities are going on.

Snehil President Dr. Mamta Singh still thinks that there is a lot of work to be done and we have to rethink and reorganize the basic momentum of the organization. Snehil an organization has more than two fifty members in many states like Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jammu Kashmir, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa.

Snehil members has hope and soundly believe that society will definitely turn active and admire such mission of Snehil organization for the Preservation and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage of India.

स्नेहिल’ जग सारा कर जायें हे परम पवित्र अंतश्चेतना हे दिव्यरूप बटोरने दे हमें उन अनत सम्भावनाओं को, जो तेरी ही ऊर्जा से उपजी हैं।
दे हमें स्वर-राग अपने रोशनी के गीत गायें, हार जाये नैराश्य तिमिर दीप आशा के जलायें।
दे अपनी अनन्त क्षमताओं के, शक्तिशाली पंख हमें, उडे़ फिरें, करें स्वतन्त्र विचरण, सफल, धवल जीवन गगन में।
दे हमें बंधन वो प्रेम के, छूट कर भी, जो ना छूटे। टूटना चाहें, ना टूटें।
कर्ण वह दे तू हमें, कि हम भी सुनें, वही दिव्य संगीत, कर रहा स्पंदित जो, असंख्य आकाश गंगाओं को।
दे हमें वह शक्तिपुंज कि हम मिटा दें, निज की सत्ता, अहंकार की व्यवस्था को।
मन प्राणों की थकन बुहारें, दो हमें ऐसे सम्बोधन।
वक्त है सद्भाव सींचे, प्यार बोयें, बैर छोडें, गैर को अपना बनायें।
मन हो पावन, तन हो सुरभित, ‘स्नेहिल’ जग सारा कर जायें।
-राकेश अरोड़